Our Turning Point Families

Callie and the  yummy desserts she prepared for the volunteer crews framing her new Turning Point home.

Turning Point homeowners come from all walks of life, from two-parent households to grandmothers raising their grandchildren. The one thing they have in common is they are in need of an opportunity to own an affordable home in Edmond.  We do not rely on a “Santa Claus” approach to providing assistance.  While this may be satisfying to the “Santa” doing the handouts, it rarely results in a positive long-term benefit to the recipient.  Turning Point avoids this style of outreach and instead partners with our clients to help them on the road of attaining homeownership…a goal they would not be able to realize without a “hand up.”  Our clients are committed to helping themselves, their community and others as good citizens of Edmond.


Our families work hard to become homeowners. They attend classes, work with an assigned mentor, create budgets, and volunteer their time for he construction of their home and donate time to community service. Once they are in their home, they pay a low-interest mortgage, with monthly payments that are close to or below what they have been paying for rent.  Some of our homeowners face physical challenges which make it difficult for them to live independently.  Turning Point has build several special needs homes.


Living in Community


Some of our homeowners have never lived in a community relationship, developed friendships with their neighbors, or supported the good works of their city. Turning Point mentors our families to become involved with their neighborhood and with Edmond. Owning one’s own home provides a sense of security and “belonging” that changes perceptions for what it means to be a good neighbor.


Participating in the Goal of Acquiring and Maintaining a Home

Turning Point’s mission includes developing a personal relationship with our homeowners. We encourage our clients to tackle their problems, maximize their existing skills, develop new skills and accomplish the tasks that need doing so that as they grow, they will move forward with hope, strength and courage. We encourage families to have pride in their home and yards. We help them recognize their property is not an island, but a reflection of the entire neighborhood.