About Us

Founded in 2008, Turning Point Ministries is a non-profit Christian-based community organization dedicated to building affordable housing for hard-working moderate-income families in Edmond, Oklahoma. Turning Point builds our homes with the help of volunteers and donors. We are a “hands up”, not a “hand-out” ministry. Our families work hard to become homeowners. They attend classes, work with an assigned mentor, create budgets, contribute sweat equity for the construction of their home and donate time to community service. Once they are in their home, they pay a low-interest mortgage, with monthly payments that are close to or below what they have been paying for rent.

We build houses through partnerships with diverse segments of the community. The City of Edmond, churches, businesses, individuals, service clubs and foundations have all helped us provide affordable housing for qualified deserving individuals and families in our community.

Financial support for Turning Point comes through fundraising, community and family grants, Edmond churches, community organizations, and individual donations.  All contributions to Turning Point Ministries are directed toward the ministry and not earmarked for a specific client.

Volunteers are from the faith community, city, and civic organizations.   Our fundraising events include an annual Edmond Thanksgiving Turkey Trot.  Turning Point is overseen by a Board of Directors from the Edmond community.   Turning Point has no paid staff, is a 501 (c) (3) and donations are tax deductible.  Will you join us with your prayers, your financial contributions and your volunteer help?