Apply for a Turning Point Home

Due to the large volume of clients in our program and our building timeline, Turning Point is not accepting new applications at this time.  Turning Point wants to be able to provide homes for our clients in a timely manner, and right now we have more clients than homes available for purchase. We are currently looking at options to speed up the building process, but until we can confirm these options, we are not accepting applications.

If you would like to send us an emailwe will put you on a waiting list and contact you when space in our program becomes available.  Please include your name and contact information, and include “Waiting List” in the subject of your email. For future reference, please see our application information below. 

The income of all persons living in the home, including child support, social security benefits, etc., is considered when reviewing applications, so please complete the income fields for you and anyone else that will be living in the home. Financial need is considered as part of our application approval process for future homeowners. Financial need is determined by the following income parameters.

If the combined annual income of all persons living in the home is below the parameters listed above, your family should meet our financial need criteria.  However, if your combined annual income is above the limits listed above, and you have extenuating circumstances, please apply and give a detailed report of the circumstances that would warrant further consideration of your application. Those that earn higher incomes will require an affirmative vote from our board.

While Turning Point Ministries serves those with financial need, future homeowner’s income must be high enough to qualify for a home mortgage. Currently, an applicant will need to earn a minimum of approximately $32,000 in order to qualify for a loan in the amount needed to purchase one of our homes. In addition, applicants must have, or be able to attain good credit.

Priority is given to applicants that have a need to live in Edmond.