Edmond City Council Names Turning Point’s Heritage Village a Choice/Revitalization Neighborhood


Remarks to the City Council by Dan Weinmeister, President of the Turning Point Ministries Board:

Turning Point – City of Edmond Council Meeting 3/28/16
Re: Recognition of Heritage Village as a Choice/Revitalized Neighborhood

Mayor, City Council and citizens of Edmond:
First, thank you to the mayor, city council, and the citizens of Edmond for their continued community support of Turning Point to meet our mission to provide affordable housing in our great city. Through our partnership more people and families will be able to gain homeownership and call Edmond home.
Activity in Heritage Village, Turning Point’s newest development located off Fretz between 2nd and Danforth, is ramping up. A relocated and rehabilitated home has been sold and two new construction three bedroom homes are under contract and expected to be finished very soon. Due to an overwhelming response for our homes, Turning Point plans to construct two to three more new homes as soon as the current builds are completed.
We are proud to announce the first homeowner in Heritage Village’s is a City of Edmond employee. We are so glad Turning Point was able to help them own a home in Edmond. Our other new homeowners-to-be are an Edmond public school teacher and a nurse who are thrilled to be able to purchase an affordable, new home in Edmond.
Thank you again for recognizing Heritage Village as a Choice/Revitalized Neighborhood. Through this action, Turning Point, and our clients, will be able to apply for additional support to help carry out our mission to provide affordable housing in our great city.
If anyone knows of an individual or family that could use Turning Point’s help in achieving home ownership, please direct them to our website at turningpointoklahoma.org for more information or reach out to a board member to find out more about Turning Point or to volunteer!
Turning Point’s annual golf tournament is scheduled for Friday, May 13th at Kickingbird Golf Course and registration forms are located on our website. I hope you can join us! I hope we can also count on all of you to sign up in September for Turning Point’s 6th annual Edmond Turkey Trot held on Thanksgiving Day!
On behalf of Turning Point, the Turning Point Board, and our current and future clients, thank you. We appreciate your past and continued support of our mission and our partnership with the City of Edmond. It is a great place to grow and LIVE!

Our First Homeowner in Heritage Village


Mary Ann Olson provides Administrative Support to the City of Edmond Code Enforcement Department. She has been an employee with the City of Edmond for over seven years. Five of those years she has been with the Code Enforcement Department. She is a single parent, raising her grandchild on her own with a limited income and she had a definite need for affordable Edmond Housing. Imagine her surprise when one of her co-workers pointed her in Turning Point’s direction.

After calling Turning Point and filling out the application online, she met with a representative of Turning Point who showed her the home at 300 Promise Way. The home was originally built in 1931. She could tell right away that the home had been lovingly renewed. The older home had been moved to its current location in 2015 and updated to meet the current building standard while retaining many of the original aspects that makes it so unique. She at once fell in love with it. The home was beautiful and perfect for Mary Ann’s needs.

One of the main things that impressed Mary Ann about Turning Point Ministries is that not only do they offer affordable housing in the Edmond community, they offered her and her grandchild a place to start over and to build a sense of community. Turning Point’s newest project, Heritage Village, is a neighborhood of like-minded people working together within their community to help build their own community. All of the residents of Heritage Village will donate time and energy to help their build neighbor’s homes. It is inspiring how much this helps them connect with each other as neighbors and friends. Not only is Mary Ann building relationships within her neighborhood but she will continue volunteering within her extended community as well. She and her grandchild are excited to be a part of this undertaking and are looking forward to being long-term residents of Edmond, Oklahoma.