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NOTE:  In order to qualify for homeownership, through Turning Point, applicants must demonstrate a reason to live in Edmond.   Examples would include working in Edmond, already living in Edmond, children in school in Edmond, Family/support system living in Edmond; caregivers living in Edmond, and family members who are dependent on services available in Edmond.

In general, a single applicant will need a minimum yearly income of $32,000; have reasonably good credit, or the ability to attain good credit in a reasonable time frame, and have a modest down payment at time of contracting.  If you feel your circumstances are unique, OR if your income falls slightly  below this threshold, your application will require an affirmative vote from our board.  

Please  mail the application to Turning Point Ministries  at P.O. Box 2437, Edmond, Oklahoma 73083-6734.

+Turning Point Application- Updated October 2017

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Client Responsibilities Agreement Updated-Jan. 2018

Builders_Warranty-Updated April 2017

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