Volunteer Hours

We use an online tracking tool called “Track it Forward” to track volunteer hours. You can create an account and log your hours on your computer or phone. It is self-explanatory, however we had to adapt it slightly to allow for a space to track donor’s hours, so please read the directions below so that you will know how it works. The following information is found in the section called, “volunteer log” and will be labeled “log hours”.

  1. Hours – This is the total hours worked, including your hours PLUS any donor’s hours. For example, you and your friend Jane Doe each work 5 hours at a Turning Point home, so log 10 hours here.
  2. Date – This is the date the hours were worked.
  3. Activity – Choose “Turning Point” or another volunteer organization from the drop down menu. If the site you volunteered is not listed in the drop down menu, please choose “other community volunteer activity”, and then specify the name of the organization in the notes section listed at the bottom of the log. If there is site where you frequently volunteer, please let Kari know, and she can add it to the drop down menu.
  1. Donor’s Hours – This is the number of hours donated to you. In the example given in No. 1 above, this would be your friend Jane Doe’s 5 hours.
  2. Notes – List the names of the volunteers donating hours to you. In the example here, list Jane Doe. If more than one person donates hours to you, please list all of their names. Please also list the name of the organization where you volunteered if it is not in the drop down menu.

Please create an account at https://www.trackitforward.com/site/turning-point-ministries. You may log hours on your computer, or you can download the app. It can be used by i-phone and android users so that you can log hours on your phone if you desire.

Please contact Kari Galliart if you have any problems with this new system. Click here to e-mail Kari Galliart. If you do not have internet access, you may track your hours  on the paper form called “volunteer hours tracking  May 2017”.  (Download below)  If you choose the paper form, please  complete forms monthly and return to Turning Point Ministries, P.O Box 2437, Edmond, OK 73083-2437.