Three House Blessings

On December 12th, we had the joy of blessing three new homes and celebrating with the families that will soon occupy them. Turning Point Home dedication days are exciting for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is seeing our homeowner’s hard work come to fruition. As with any construction project, it is also great to celebrate completion of another home. Finally, it gives everyone who supports Turning Point Ministries the opportunity to meet our homeowners. We want you to “meet” them here as well: 

Demetria is the Program Coordinator for the Dorothy M. Smith Family Medical Center. She has one son, Zion who is a student at Sequoyah Middle School. 

Monica is a mom to a teenage girl and boy and is a licensed substance abuse and mental health therapist. 

Cheyenne is a math teacher at Edmond Memorial and currently cares for two foster children she looks forward to adopting. 

For those who support Turning Point Ministries, we sincerely thank you for the life-changing impact you make in our homeowner’s lives. To see how you can support Turning Point Ministries, please visit our volunteer and donation pages. 

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