Myths and Truths

Myth: Turning Point is associated with a national housing organization.

Truth:  Turning Point is a local Edmond ministry.  A national non-profit housing organization lists Edmond as being within their area of service.  However,  in the past 20 years, they have built very few homes in our city due to the high cost of land. Turning Point is committed to providing affordable housing for  homeowners  in Edmond where we recognize there is considerable need. We appreciate the good work the national organization is providing in other areas of Oklahoma County.

Myth: Turning Point homeowners sell their house and make a large profit because of the original low cost.

Truth: Our homeowners have been on a long journey toward owning their home and are not likely to want to sell out and move.

Myth: Turning Point gives homes away to homeless and unemployed people.

Truth: Our homes are not given to anyone. We offer home ownership opportunities to families and individuals who are unable to otherwise acquire home ownership due to limited income. Our homeowners must be employed or have a defined means of financial support. They must either have good credit or the ability to attain good credit in a reasonable time frame. They make a down payment, contribute “sweat equity”, provide ongoing service to their community, and have a home mortgage.

Myth: You have to be Christian to become a Turning Point homeowner.

Truth: Turning Point is a Christian organization. However, homeowners are chosen without regard to race, religion, or ethnic group in keeping with Fair Housing requirements and with our belief that God’s love extends to everyone—regardless of race, creed, or nationality.

Myth: Turning Point is a government organization.

Truth: Turning Point is neither an arm of the government nor an arm of any specific church or denomination. We do accept government assistance for streets, utilities, and other development costs when we qualify.

Myth: Turning Point allows people to move from poverty to fancy new homes.

Truth: Turning Point homes are not extravagant by any standard. We build decent affordable homes.  Most of our homes are around 1,200 sq. ft.  Most of our homes have a one car garage.

Myth: Turning Point builds for anyone who wants to live in Edmond.

Truth: Our selection process is intentional about the applicant’s need to live in Edmond. Generally, this means they work in Edmond, their caregiver is an Edmond resident, or they have family members depending on special services provided in Edmond.

Myth: Turning Point homes reduce property values in a neighborhood.

Truth: Studies of affordable housing in the United States show there is no adverse effect on other property values. We believe affordable housing can improve communities by increasing the tax base, by turning blighted areas into new neighborhoods, and by helping families become better citizens through the security of homeownership.

Myth: Turning Point will build anywhere in Oklahoma County, including in rural areas.

Truth: We recognize the need for affordable housing within Edmond is acute and is not being met by other means. Therefore, we do not build in other areas of Oklahoma County. We, also, do not build in rural areas.

Page updated 9/2018