Edmond homes may get energy upgrades

Turning Point Ministries was featured in the Daily Oklahoman on May 23, 2009, in Diana Baldwin’s article, “Edmond homes may get energy upgrades: Project Expands To Nearby Properties.”

EDMOND — Rental property adjacent to Legacy Station, a low-cost home project near downtown Edmond, may get $50,000 in energy improvements compliments of federal stimulus money.

Shannon Entz, Edmond’s Community Development Block Grant coordinator, said about 10 homes adjacent to the new Legacy Station homes have been identified for rehabilitation or weatherization improvements.

Edmond homes may get energy upgrades

Edmond is expected to receive two federal stimulus grants totaling $225,567. City officials propose spending $50,000 of that money on the adjacent rental property.

The remainder of the money, $175,567, will go to build the infrastructure for Legacy Station, a joint project of the city of Edmond and Turning Point Ministries.

The new single-family and duplex homes will be built between Edwards and Thatcher and west of Broadway. The lots were purchased by Turning Point Ministries, a nonprofit ministry that assists in the housing needs of those in Edmond living in substandard conditions.

Turning Point will build the three- and four-bedroom homes with two baths and single-car garages. The homes will be between 1,110 and 1,300 square feet.

The homebuyers will meet Department of Housing and Urban Development income limits, must attend homebuyer education classes and invest in sweat equity.

Planning commissioners this week approved the preliminary plat for Legacy Station. City council members will make a final decision on the preliminary plat June 8.

For the adjacent rental property, low-interest loans will be offered to the property owners to add energy upgrades, such as geothermal heating and cooling units, low-e windows, insulation, caulking and Energy Star fixtures and appliances.

Each home will be inspected and tested for lead-based paint and any other hazardous or unsafe conditions, Entz said.
City council members will hold a public hearing Tuesday and are considering amending this year’s Community Development Block Grant Action Plan to include the stimulus money and projects.

They meet at 5:30 p.m. at 20 S Littler Ave.

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