Home Building Costs Continue to Soar

As this recent article from Bloomberg indicates, each area of home construction has seen dramatic price increases. The article details the increase in each of the following crucial elements of home construction: foundation, lumber, trusses, drywall, pipes, wiring, paint, finish and appliances. For a non-profit organization like Turning Point Ministries, the staggering price increase of lumber (+200%) alone is painful enough, but coupled with the other significant increases is devastating.

Not only is the cost of building a home rising at an alarming rate, but the purchasing price of homes in general has shot up as well. Turning Point Ministries works to provide a hand-up to homeownership for modest income families. So, we find ourselves in a situation where the number of families in need of help is increasing at the same time that the costs of our mission are soaring. If you are able, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help Turning Point Ministries absorb the costs of this challenging time. Thank you!

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