Our Turning Point Families

Turning Point homeowners come from all walks of life, from two-parent households to grandmothers raising their grandchildren. The one thing they have in common is they are in need of an opportunity to own an affordable home in Edmond. (See About Us for more information)

Some of our homeowners:

  • A public school teacher of autistic children who is the single mother of 4, including one child who has significant health issues.
  • A single mother who is employed in Edmond and works as a bookkeeper at a local church.
  • A legally blind single woman who is a graduate of Francis Tuttle Technical Center.
  • A single mother who is a graphics designer…
  • A single mother     who is employed at a local lawyer’s office,  with 3 children, one of whom is deaf.
  • A family of 4   who had previously been unable to purchase a home.
  • A wheelchair bound single woman.
  • An Edmond public school teacher who is a single mother.
  • Women whose home was destroyed by a tornado.
  • A single mother/grandmother who is employed by the City of Edmond.
  • A Missionary and his wife.
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