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WHY YOUR HELP IS NEEDED: In 2012, the average sales price for an existing home in Edmond, Oklahoma was $249,878. For many who work in our community or are physically challenged, homeownership is an unattainable goal without a “hand up”. For example, there are currently many single parent Edmond teachers and city employees who can’t afford to own a home or rent in our community. This challenge continues to grow as local property values increase year after year.

YOUR GIFT IS VITAL TO OUR SUCCESS:  Turning Point recognizes homeownership provides security or the current homeowner and generations beyond. As we track our clients, we recognize not only do they benefit from the security of homeownership, but their children do as well.

THINK YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO GIVE?  Just a modest donation will buy roll of insulation, a kitchen sink, or light fixtures for a new home. Every dollar you give means the world to a family who dreams of someday owning their own home.

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